Saturday, September 20, 2003

-first grade teacher's name: mrs gordon.
-last word you said: yarr.
-last song you sang: nothing better- postal service.
-last thing you laughed at: the tv.
-last time you cried: like three weeks ago when jordan passed.

-what's in your cd player: postal service - give up
-what color socks are you wearing: no socks
-what's under your bed: a tray of potporri and two pillows
-what time did you wake up today: 6:00am

-what is your career going to be: i want to be an apparel merrchandiser
-where are you going to live: either huntington beach, costa mesa, san clemente, or carlsbad.
-how many kids do you want: one
-what kind of car will you drive: a mini cooper or a ford ranger.

-current hair: short and black
-current clothes: the whale pants, fremont t shirt you know you want the whales.
-current jewelry: earrings
-current annoyance: my housemate
-current smell: pineapples
-current longing: to go to the ocean
-current desktop picture: danny fuller surfing
-current favorite music artist: postal service
-current book: farienheit 451
-current worry: my essay due on thurday
-current hate: waking up early
-story behind your username: krustykrab- from spongebob 199-travis pastrana's riding number.
-current favorite article of clothing: brown and pink poka dot button up.
-favorite physical feature on a girl/boy?: eyes and shoes.
-one person you wish was here right now: jordan
-i am happiest when: i am with good friends
-i feel lonely when: i'm alone
-favorite author(s): don't read much, cs lewis
-do you think too much: all the time
-if you could live anywhere in the world, where: sydney australia
-famous person you have met: rick thorne and madonna thorne steve caballero, i saw arnold terminator at my school and i saw kelly slater.
-do you have any regrets: yup
-sex or love: love
-favorite coffee: at the current moment is a vanilla kaluha creme. so so good.
-favorite smell: roses, watermellon
-what makes you mad: buying food from one grocery store and then going to another to find that same item cheaper
-favorite way to waste time: go on line, read.
-what is your best quality: my arthritc knees
-are in currently in love/lust: with my longboard. if i could i would make mad sex to him.

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