Thursday, April 21, 2005

hi everyone. it's been a long time since i've written in here. i've been dedicating my life to other things, like the fashion show, work and my other classes. i'm nervous as well as excited about the fashion show. it's a big thing for me. i'm so scared. what if people don't like my outfit, what if i don't fit in the outfit, what shoes am i going to wear, how is my hair and makeup going to be done, am i even going to have a garment in the show, what grades am i going to get this semester, what am i going to take this semseter, where did my carmex go...? the list goes on for days. sometimes i feel as if i'm going to cry but i don't have time for that. i suck it up and go back to doing what i do. i have too high of an expectation of myself to do well, part of the reason is because of my family, but it's always been like that. i miss seeing my family. i've made it through the most part of college and i probably still have a good part to go. so much to think about so little time.

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