Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i've been severely slacking in the blogging business. so as my new years resolution, as it is every year, i promise to write in this blog more. i forgot how much i used to write in this. in high school i was a blogging master. i would write about almost everything and anything. now i feel like i'm in censoring my life. what happened? am i lazy or did i just get boring?

i remember being a hopeful teenager who wanted to change the world. i still want to change the world. there is still a little spark in this girl. i never let her go. i guess i haven't been as vocal about as i wanted to be. but i cannot change the world if i keep everything to myself. i am not going to tell every thought and every detail because i think there are a few things that are ment to keep for yourself. you know that little secret that makes you smile. you know you have one. i have plenty.

i'm growing up and growing up kinda sucks. so much responsibility. on the other hand growing up is amazing. i love being on my and living life the way i want to. i also love the spontaneity of meeting new people and developing new relationships.

so look forward for future blog postings and such.

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