Sunday, August 13, 2006

state of mind

am i a boring person? i've always felt this about myself. i want to makeover myself. in an ideal world, i'd be exciting to hang out with, witty, outgoing, easy to engage conversation...the list can go on for days, but i can't think of anything now. but would i truely be happy with who i am if became everything on this list? would life for me be different?


Anonymous said...

How dare you cheat on your list posting site and post a list on blogger. BTW i dont think you're boring at all.....why would people want to hang out with you if you were boring? I can honestly say that I always have fun with you even if its just watching tv because we're most likely making fun of whatever we're watching. YOU'RE AWESOME!! ?

btw....its anissa haha

Anonymous said...

I think that, too.. often. Ohhh, Eizelle, you're definitely not boring. You amuse me (in a good way, not in a haha you're RETARDED way).


Anonymous said...

you are boring because you don't watch lost. make yourself over by watching the fucking show. after watching lost you'll be able engage in easy conversations. and be truely happy. life would be so different.

<3andrew your occupational neighbor

Anonymous said...

ps. i hope you cried after reading that