Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let's have Bizzare Celebrations

Happy late new years or happly early chinese new year. i went to ta-hoe fo sho and reno. tahoe is beautiful i'm glad i got to be there with my favorite, shane and my favorites friend scott. i want to go back in the summer.

lot's of things happening. thursday night shows in full effect. this time i promise more pictures. February 8th 2007 Eddie G. the Nugget. be there!

school started. i was in japanese 101 but now im not. hoping to get one more class. even if i don't get the class i can still take it in the summer, so i'm not too worried. the free time would help. working at the bakery, blackmarket and such. ummm.....i'm going to VEGAS for a week. i get to buy clothes for the store. i'm nervous and excited at the same time. starting to think about the future.

tomorrow: maybe the dub, call sick on friday fo shizzz.

future: japan with the bottom bunk.

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