Friday, June 29, 2007

Today's Outlook:

New opportunities await.

Busy, Busy ,busy. I do have time to catch my breath which is awesome. I have my weekends on days nobody else does.
Tentative schedule till August:

Seungday! - BlackMarket
Monday - Cardboard Robot internship!
Tuesday - class till about 12pm on certain days - Baumvision internship!
Wednesday - Cardboard Robot!
Thursday - class till 12pm - Baumvision!
Friday - BlackMarket
Saturday - BlackMarket/party/get drink on/passout day.

I'm actually pretty excitied. I have a good feeling about everything and i hope it all works out for the best. In the meantime, sugarfree redbulls, finding time to go to the beach, fourth of july, networking. i've learned that it is who you know that will get you the job. kinda shitty to find out that after doing so well in school that most places don't really look at grades. oh well. sooo excited.

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