Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't hide the pleasures you've found in your rolling around

This is the inside of my bag minus the receipts and and gum wrappers.

bag is a thrift find from my sister. it's really pretty!
Le Clic 35mm camera found at the thrift store and it works!
paul frank glasses cleaner kit. My glasses get dirty and i need to clean them.
billabong goodie bag. full of great stuff!
mints: altoids, stride gum. need fresh breath.
emergen-c. to fight the colds
brush. to keep my hair pretty.
car keys. to start my car.
house keys. to get in my house/ in the store.
hand sanitizer. to keep my hands clean.
lotion. to keep my hands soft.
burt's bees hand salve. again to keep my hands soft,.
rosebud strawberry lip balm. to keep my lips soft.
stablio pens. to write in things.
hi-chew candy. for a snack.
pilot pen. to write stuff.
moleskine. to write in.
ipod. to listen to music in my car.
target brand ibuprofen. for those pesky pains.
paul frank wallet. to pay for stuff.
misc items: button, gum and dove chocolate. found them floating around.
not pictured: my sony ericsson phone,. i used it to take the picture duh!

i carry around a lot of things.

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