Monday, July 06, 2009

remember the time we realized thriller was out favorite song

the vaycay was awesome. i went back to the lbc and saw everyone i wanted to see and more. got a new pair of glasses and a sweet necklace.

went to san diego, ate at buca, went to a wedding, saw snipers and i got to see edward and dodged a car hood on the freeway!

went to oxnard and saw the family and stuffed my face, it was amazing. saw kimmie, the little sister. hung out with the big sister des and went to dargans. woot! also hung out with stepahine cruz, good f-ing times!

now i'm in portland. i had a great weekend, even if i had to work. hung out with eileen and michael. danced at the fez, and hung out at the westin.

on the 4th i tried to stay alive during a roman candle war, played with sparklers and sat in the rose garden with anissa's family. the roses are still beautiful at night. i also ran from the cops with cheryle. it was crazy!

today i ate at gravy with eid, michael, anissa and shane. it was amazing, and again it was worth the long wait. saw melanni and nicholas too! we keep running into each other at various breakfast spots in town. i guess we both have good taste in breakfast. good company, good food what more can i ask for. i love my family and my friends. these are all just lovely memories now.

biscuits and veggie gravy, the greco omelette( mushrooms, swiss and spinach), with hash browns, and a damn good bloody mary @ gravy, portland, or

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