Thursday, October 21, 2004

nothing much has been happening. i skipped my first class EVER in my college career. it's really sad. i feel really bad too. like what if i missed something important? i don't know. i went to go meet penny in the union today but she wasn't there. it's ok though, b/c i got in some studying. so today is pretty rad. the vandals are playing at the school for free so after my show that is where you will find me. hopefully there will be some free food there.

so me, anissa, and dana have been eating out at the dining hall and there are these bitches that hate up for no apparent reason. yeah stupid hoes! anyways, i have a turtle i named him the dude, he's one fine cooter and of you are nice you can touch it. (if you watch the daily show you'd know). i get to go home this weekend and see the family and get some food. i'm starving...not really but there are times i do wish.

i'm a very proud older sis. b/c my little brother passed the AP bio test he gets to eat at the top floor of the morgan stanley building. it's pretty fancy status.

i haven't had much due this week and it's been pretty cool. i got much needed sleep.

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