Friday, December 03, 2004

i'm kinda sick. it sucks when it feels like everyone is blaming me for their sickness. my mom called and sounded pissed and alex is blaimng me for his strep throat.

school is almost over and i registered for my classes. i got two so far and i waitlisted one and i have to get one more. if anything, it will be human sexuality. i have to go to ms sherell and ask if i can enroll in the flat patterns class. hopefully i can. it's just a little stressful. oh yeah all my finals are on one day, back to back.

through all of this i'm pretty ok. i didnt really do anything last night. we all just sat around the apartment. made cookies, smoothies, and i cooked dinner. veggie lasagna and teriyaki chicken. had some laughs. i think i want to cook dinner again tonight. i don't know. i don't have anything planned for tonight not till after 9 so i have to find things to keep me occupied.

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