Tuesday, May 13, 2003

it was funny b/c o was walking to the droms with annisa and seriously we almost got hit by like three cars. its the schools fault. they started construction on a parking lot during a school day. she said they they started towing cars in the morning. what im saying is that they just wanted to tow cars. the days seem longer. its werid but thats the way it feels for me. i guess b.c i wake up so early. oh well. finals soon and then i get to go home. i saved myself a journey to ralphs to get juice. my landlady gave me hers. its a small can but it gives me something to drink till tommorw. i was extremely hungry today i had chicken tenders and then that was it. when i got home i didnt eat much there b.c all i had cooked was some sweet sour noodles that was leftover from sunday. it wasnt a lot b/c im hungry now and i want something to drink. i have a can of pinapples but if i open it i dont have anywhere to store it. i do have a bowl... ahh i want something but i dont know what.

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