Monday, May 12, 2003

Punk is one's ability to think and act on their own. Punk is one's ability to act against social maltreatment and social mundanuity. Pop-punk/poseur is when your clothes are harder than you.
Why do I even try...all the "punks" still thinks im a posuer because of how I dress anyway....
fuck them

thems fighting words from my brother. he like what 14? geeze. today was cool. met talieb kaweli, got free stuff. got a b on a bullshit paper and i registered for classes. good times. this is basically the last week of instruction before finals. woo! finals boo! yeah i think im going to do well over all.i have to finish my personal essay that i dont understand b/c i have to site someone elses work in a personal essay. its madness i say madness. ill get to work on that tomorrow. then i have to make a study guide for anthro and us history and then start highlighting for communications. ahh to much to think about. i just want it all to end.

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