Saturday, May 10, 2003

last cigarette: cant say ive actually tried one.
>last car ride: with annisa, wendy, brian, and veronica back to long beach
>last kiss: a long time ago.
>last good cry: cant remember when.
>last library book checked out: some communications book.
>last movie seen: i dont think it counts as a movie but tony hawk big gigantic skate tour 2000.
>last book read: a long bitter trail.
>last cuss word uttered: fuck i cant remember.
>last beverage drank: the light syrup from the can of manderin oranges.
>last food consumed: a salad
>last crush: nice question...
>last phone call: mom
>last tv show watched: that ginger cartoon on nick.
>last time showered: like at 630.
>last shoes worn: my cool vans.
>last cd played: count the stars
>last item bought: a bag of skittles
>last downloaded: i think it was the bright eyes video.
>last annoyance: my teeth
>last disappointment: my essay
>last soda drank: snapple i dont know if that one counts.
>last thing written: my tentative schedule for next semester.
>last key used: .
>last word spoken: oh wow.
>last sleep: last night.
>last im: my brother telling me that we are staying at the stardust in vegas.
>last sexual fantasy: what like the back of a volkswagon?
>last weird encounter: saying hi to that guy in the hall in the dorms.
>last ice cream eaten: some ice cream bar from the dining hall.
>last time amused: using the flat iron in annisas room.
>last time in love: a few hours ago when i saw jordan.
>last time hugged: its been a while probably when i left.
>last time scolded: my landlady thought i was moving out but i wasnt.
>last time resentful: i dont know.
>last chair sat in: the one that my ass is resting on.
>last lipstick used: dr pepper lip gloss.
>last underwear worn: pink with a bow.
>last bra worn: the one i have one right now.
>last shirt worn: the one i have one now.
>last time dancing: last night in front of the car.
>last poster looked at: the one cool one in my room.
>last show attended: the mooney suzuki.
>last webpage visited:
>1 MINUTE AGO: I was picking my nose.
>1 HOUR AGO: i was eating a salad.
>1 DAY AGO: i was playing softball.
>1 WEEK AGO: i was picking my nose.
>1 YEAR AGO: i was at school.
>I HURT: when i fall.
>I LOVE: my family, my friends, yoils, my duck, jordan.
>I HATE: cake.
>I FEAR: cake.
>I HOPE: to awesome.
>I FEEL: grreat, hopeful, healthy.
>I HIDE: my feelings.
>I DRIVE: my imaginary car.
>I MISS: driving, eating, everyone!
>I LEARNED: that
>I NEED: $MONEY$ and a $job$
>I THINK: i need
>-current clothes:pjs.
>-current mood: cool.
>-current music: rilo kiley.
>-current taste: the salad and oranges.
>-current hair: long?
>-current annoyance: the cats outside.
>-current smell: chicken.
>-current thing i should be doing: a study guide for anthro.
>-current desktop picture: tony hawk, jason ellis, robert earl, and shawn white in a ski lift.
>-current refreshment: water.
>-current worry: finals!
>-1. What do you most like about your body?: my skin, lips.
>-2. And least?: my back.
>-3. How many fillings do you have?: a lot. i have a super sweet tooth.
>-4. Do you think you're good looking?: its relative.
>-5. Do other people often tell you that you're good looking?: no =(
>-6. Do you look like any celebrities?: last i checked there arent any short brown asian girls in the industry. i could be wrong.

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