Tuesday, May 06, 2003

i wish you knew

a new housemate in the future? i dont know but there was a perspective student here today. jordans good and swimming around and eating behind my back. i changed the background in his fish box and he freaked out. so i put the figurefour flyer back and hes back to normal. the meeting new people thing is going well i guess. i got a well mastered demo cd from a band called .district. apparently the bassest sits in front of me in comm. im trying to read but its not working. ill try later. stupid homework.
its sucks i want my wisdom teeth out now! i cant really enjoy my food but lunch was good. ate with annisa in the dining hall. if i could only remember the name of that song that made us laugh. it was a long song to be about captains.i want some hot coca but its late thats my food. i think im going to go and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. i only had soup for dinner and it didnt taste too good.

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