Sunday, May 04, 2003

maybe I'm the still light behind your eyes

yesterday i did laundry at the dorms with annisa. good times claiming machines and driers. seriously it beats going to circle center. it was thanksgiving at the dining hall and i got weirded out by some guys there. oh well...then itook the bus at night which is very scary. i do no reccommend it at all at least not alone and with bag of clothes.
today was stay at home and do stuff. i didnt do much i realized that i have some kind of addiction to caffeine. i dont think its good to be drinking coffee and eating chocolate covered espresso beans at the same time. it got rid of my headache. that was a good thing i guess. im running out of food. all i have left is packaged food and shrimp. im trying to come up with ways to change up the menu but i have no ideas. it sucks not having food. yeah i could just go to the store but i have no money. so i have to come up with different ways to cook rice and waffles. all hell will break loose when i run out of coffee. fuck that reminds me, i need to buy frozen juice.

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