Monday, May 05, 2003

I'm short of breath and over dressed

today was just eh. sat around school and stuff. i really hate my math class. we had a take home quiz and i did it all yesterday. i go go turn it in and then i realize that i have my notes and not the quiz. so i ask the TA's if i can have time to do it. so i try and people are asking for my help and such i finished it but then i get home and i look and i find the quiz. i was so pissed. grr...there was a girl in that class that was wearing a ladytron shirt and i was like "hey thats a cool shirt" and she like yeah thanks and then i say somethign about the postal service playing today and like she was like yeah i know! so that was cool now we talk. its cool. making friends is fun. i should try to at least say hi to a new person everyday till the end of the school year. its going to be hard but i think im going to try....
i need my wisdom teeth out. they are tearing up the back of my cheek. i chew my food and im chewing part of my cheek at the same time. its insane. i need to tell my mom i need them out NOW! and i need juice im rationing now. h20 till the end i guess.

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