Wednesday, May 07, 2003

you're the apple of my eye...
yes you....


its pretty fun making slideshows. the only thing that i wish i could do is show the real one that i made with all time quarterback in the background and there were more pictures. oh well. this will do for the time being. hope you guys like it.

my day way just fine. have i mentioned how much i hate numbers. they are evil! im not really eating well. ive had pasta almost everyyday this week. you ask me why? i say b/c thats all i have left. yeah its bad. i have no more meats of the sort except for sandwich meat. i have eggs though but i was saving those for throwing but given the circumstance im not going to throw them. i need something to add to ramen. i ran out of cheese today too. very upset. cheese is expensive. im not talking the presliced american cheese, im talking the brick kind medium chedder that you have to cut yourself. those ones are always good. as long as i have jelly and peanut butter ill be fine.

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