Thursday, May 15, 2003

let it all go

i ate at the dining hall with anissa today. nothing special. i had a pita with some spanish rice. good times. i was kind pissed b/c i got my ass out of bed at 640 to make an 8am class and we only stayed in there for a good ten minutes before we were dismissed. ahhh...i could have emailed the essay that josh probably isnt going to read. seriously like hes too lazy to shave in the mornings so why whould he sit down to read say 50 essays. grr...i changed the scenery though, i sat in the food court area in the union and watched some music videos. its a good place to so some people watching.
i walked outside to see the lunar eclipse. it was beautiful.
lakers lost. its sad. they tried but it is not their time. i know jason is going to be mad and veronica is going to be happy. good thing b/c now i dont have to watch the rest of the playoffs anymore. i can channel my energy to the mighy ducks and the dodgers. the ducks are owning it right now. i wish it was the kings though but again im a duck supporter and a king fan. haha its funny i just thought of the movie mighty ducks. great movie.

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